My friends call me Sabu but my real name is Sabrina Boschetti.
I like describing myself as a creative misunderstood italian mind, born in 1987 in Milan, city where I spent most of my entire life.

At age of 13 I told my mom I wanted to be "unusual". In italian we translate it as "alternative" but I think that in english it might be better translate it as unconventional - unusual or offbeat. By the way, I kept the promise. I did it. After almost 14 years later, 

I can say I grew up as an unusual person. 

I am not that kind of creative person, born after "trends" or fashion icons.
There are a lot of fakes in this world and unfortunately people tend to admire them instead of thinking with their head, and once you try to create something different or innovative, if people don't have their icon to follow, they don't trust in our potentiality.

I have been in love with paper since when I was a child and in adulthood I started to draw and realize my own jewellery collection made with paper, glue and lot of love.
I am a "world - lover". I don't embrace any kind of political cause, I just agree with humanity and its followers.

In 2014 I started a project called #TheHijabProject which was, ideally, a proposal to let people understand better about islamic culture in european countries, especially in Italy.
Understood it wasn't important for any of my "countrymen" I changed strategy and I decided to think out of Italy. My plans

I think I have a good look but i am not a fashionista.
I am creative but not that kind of creative which includes perfection.
I am far away from perfection. I love order but i am really messy in my art.
I love cleaning, but I don't mind if I dirt my hands.
My job title says I am a Senior Designer but after all I am just a visionary misunderstood :)

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